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Specializations of our company

Design of high dependable systems. In some industrial applications, where the process or the process control can cause the damage of human life or goods, it is necessary to decrease or avoid the influence of danger-sources. The systems applied in such situations are often called as safety critical systems. The safety critical applications must be realized as high dependable, fault-tolerant systems, such as 2-out-of-2 systems or 2-out-of-3 systems. The design of these systems as well as their verification and validation require special methods and principles. Our company has a wide experience in the design and preparing safety cases for these systems. 

Risk and dependability analysis of industrial systems. When safety critical application is used, the authorities or the end-user often set dependability limits, and it is one of the tasks to demonstrate that the system meets these requirements. Sometimes it is necessary that an independent expert validate the system. Our company has a large experience in the application of the MIL-HDBK-217F based reliability prediction, in the application of the fault tree analysis method (FTA) and failure modes and effects analysis method (FMEA), but we also can apply all the frequently used other dependability analysis methods such as event tree analysis (ETA) or Markov modeling. Beside the above described dependability analysis techniques, we are able to prepare risk assessment e.g. according to DIN 19250 or IEC61508.


Assessing and validation railway signaling systems. New European standards EN-50126, 50128 and 50129 describe a new method to prove the suitability of the end-product. This method includes not only the proof of the product but the proof of the development process also. An independent body, called as assessor have to be involved in the process to check whether the development process comply with the standards. Our company can act as independent assessor as well as adviser concerning application of the standards.

Design, development, realization and programming of PLC and microcontroller based systems. Beside the theoretical system design and analysis, our company accepts the work-out of concrete realization of systems. We have experience in working with and programming Siemens S5-115F, S7-212, S7-214, S7-400 PLC and 8051 (MCS-51) based systems.

Software solutions for industrial systems. Beside the above mentioned, hardware related specializations, we can solve software design and software programming tasks, too.  

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