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The leaders of the company

The Head of the 2GE Engineering Office currently is Ms. Eszter VARGA and Mr. Geza SZABO.

Geza Szabo is a full time employee of the Department of Control for Transportation and Vehicle Systems, Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE) (earlier: Technical University of Budapest). His current position is associate professor. Degrees: M.Sc. Electrical Engineer (Telecommunication specialization) (1993), M.Sc. Economic Engineer (Information Technology specialization) (1997), Ph.D. (2009). Member of the Hungarian Engineers Chamber, authorized to issue expertise on railway signalling equipment (field i.d at the Chamber: W-K1-7, Member i.d. 01-4870). His research interest includes: dependable system design and analysis.


Some of his most important publications connecting to the specializations of the company:

1. Bokor, J. - G. Szabó - P. Gáspár - J. Hetthésy: Reliability Analysis of Protection Systems in NPPs Using Fault-Tree Analysis Method. Proceedings of the IAEA Symposium on Computerized Reactor Protection and Safety Related Systems in Nuclear Power Plants, pp 91-104, Budapest, 1997. 

2. Gáspár, P. - G. Szabó: Complex Failure Models for Dependability Assessment. Digest of FastAbstracts, International Symposium on Fault Tolerant Computing, FTCS-28, pp 94-95. Munich, 1998. 

3. Gáspár, P. - G. Szabó: Analysis of Adaptive Multi-State Logic in Fault-Tolerant Systems. Proceedings of the Probabilistic Safety Assesment and Management - PSAM 4 Conference, pp. 13-17, New York, 1998. 

4. Görög, B. - Szabó, G.  - Tarnai, G.:  Safety and Dependability Analysis of the PLC Based Realization of Interlocking Functions. Hungarian Rail Technology Journal, 1998. Vol. 3. pp. 6-10. (in Hungarian).

5. Horváth, L. -  Rácz, G. - Szabó, G. - Tarnai, G.: Application of Programmable Logical Controllers in the Railway Interlocking Systems.  Hungarian Rail Technology Journal, 1997. Vol. 1. pp. 26-29. (in Hungarian).

6. Szabó, G. - P. Gáspár: Practical Treatment-Methods of Adaptive Components in the Fault-Tree Analysis. Proceedings of the Annual Reliability and Maintainability Symposium, pp. 97-104, Washington D.C., 1999. 

7. Szabó, G. - Tarnai, G.: Dependability Analysis of Interlocking Systems - A Comparison of the Probabilistic and the Deterministic Approaches. Proceedings of the 3rd International Scientific Conference Elektro ‘99, Section Information & Safety Systems, pp. 7-12, Zilina, 1999. 

8. Szabó, G. - P. Gáspár: Fault-tree analysis of System Functionality Modelled as Binary Adaptive Functions. Proceedings of the European Safety and Reliability Conference-ESREL  pp. 1033-1038, Münich, 1999. 

9. Szabó, G. - G. Tarnai: Automatic Fault-Tree Generation as a Support for Safety Studies of Railway Interlocking Systems. Proceedings of the IFAC Symposium on Control in Transportation Systems, pp. 453-458, Braunschweig, 2000. 
10. Tarnai, G. - G. Szabó: Zuverlassigkeitsanalyse der Stomversorgugn von Eisenbahnsicherungsanlagen. Proceedings of the ZEL 2002, Railways on the Edge of the 3rd Millennium, Vol1, pp. 237-248, 2002. 
11. Szabó, G.: Introduction to the Fault-tree Analysis Method. Manuscript. TU Budapest, Dept. of Control and Transport Automation. Budapest, 1996. (in Hungarian).

12. Szabó, G.: Programmable Logical Controllers. Manuscript. TU Budapest, Dept. of Control and Transport Automation. Budapest,  1995. (in Hungarian).

Full publication list here. 

You can also visit the Home Page of Mr. Szabo at the BUTE.


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